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_art_hue Podcast

Through the Collegiate Association for Artists of Color, _art_hue talks to POC artists about topics related to current and historically significant events. On Apple Music and Spotify.

Valley Creek Next Steps Center:

The Valley Creek Next Steps Center serves their surrounding cities through outreach projects. Summer of 2020, they focused on their Kid's Summer Lunch Program to still provide for their neighborhood during COVID-19 restrictions but once it is safe, the serve teams hope to resume their other programs. 

Dancing during COVID-19:

Amidst COVID-19, dancers continue their artform. Told from my perspective, I talk to three dancers about how they keep moving and how the dance community has come together. 

Hungry for Change Rally:

Following the death of George Floyd, the Cheryl "Action" Jackson hosts a rally/protest in Plano, Texas (6/7/2020). Not only were police there to take care of citizens, but many speakers and families attended in peace.

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